Sunday, June 26

You :')

I might not be
Everything you wished for
I might not be
Everything you ever needed
I might not be
What stories are made of
I might not be
But I know this heart is yours
I know this love lives for you
This soul radiates just for you
And in the end
I just hope I make you happy

Sunday, June 19

Am I doing the right thing? Im not sure and yeah im freak out right now.

p/s: i need help! I need counselor right now.

Thursday, June 16


Im going to MSU this Monday guysss! Wish me luck :D Im gonna miss Kosas so much. 

Sunday, June 12


Salam to all of you reader :) Ok guess whatt, today i watch Kungfu Panda 2!! The movie was hillarious and the panda,Po isss soo cuteeee. You guys should go watch the movie. Bring all your family members. Semua mesti tertanya tanya kan saya pergi dgn siapa tadii. Well i went to the movie with Zahid  As a gentleman,he paid everything HAHA. Kite tak paksa dia bayar or belanja,dia yang nak bayar. Cause actually saya sangat lah kering pada ketika itu. 

I miss him so much since he left me to further his study. Ceh, mcm la dia belajar overseas hakhak. I cant help this feeling but i know we can get throughh it together. We can make it,kan bie :) I just wanna say,a big thank you for today bie.You make my day. See you soon. 


Friday, June 10

Expect the Unexpected

Salam to all readers! So,do you guys understand about the title? It happened to me last few weeks i think. Well,i went to school driving to take computer exam. Guess what? I failed the colour section. HAHA. Very very very unexpected. So the clerk yg kerja kat situ suruh pergi check mata dekat hospital. Dalam hati rasa macam,come on guysss,salah satu je pun. erghh,leceh! then pergi check and yes the doctor said that im positive colour blinded =.=  YE AWAK,SAYA RABUN WARNA! tp still boleh drive,no worries everyone. Still can beza kan warna lampu traffic light tu. Since then,semua sibuk asyik nak test rabun warna saya nii and said that "tak sangka salah satu dari kawan aku buta warna"siottt. But nvm,i know they concern about me. Terima kasih kerana mengambil berat :') but seriously,mmg tak nampak apa bende no dalam tu. Meh sini aku cek korg punya mata kayy.

Nampak tak no dalam tu? FYI,saya tak nampak lansung no dalam tuuu.  Kalau tak nampak rabun warna la tuuu. seppp sapa tak nampakk,ada gengg :D Kesian kesian,tape la. Dah tuhan jadikan mcm ni,bersyukur je la kan dari tak nampak apa apa :) 

till here love,xoxo