Saturday, September 10

When you truly care for someone, their mistakes never change your feelings because it's the mind that gets angry but the heart still cares.

Monday, September 5

Thursday, August 25

Wednesday, August 24

She hurts and she cries, but you can't see the depression in her eyes because she just smiles.

Tuesday, August 23

The way you talk to me like you hate me so much. Im tired of this thing. I dont want to think. I dont want to deal with it anymore. So you decide what you want do. I wont DISTURB you anymore. I promise.

Wednesday, August 17

Nikmatnya Bersahurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Heyy everyone. So today im gonna share something with you all about what i've just experienced last night. As you know in Ramadhan all Muslims are fasting and so goes to me. Last night me, Anis and Tini participate in this event called "Nikmatnya Bersahur". At first, kiteorg join this thing because nak dapat GeMs je but tiba tiba rasa mcm lembut hati nak pergi cause we never went to any rumah orang tua tuaa so nak check it out. Oh yeah, actually event ni mcm kiteorg kene bersahur dgn orang tua tua. Ye lahh,kesian dekat dieorg tade family semua kan,so why not we spread our love to them. Kiteorg gerak dalam pukul 1.30 nearly 2 laaa. Nama rumah org tua tua ni is Rumah Seri Kenangan. Located in Cheras. The whole journey tidoooo,then dah sampai tempat tu we were like so excited and sangat sangat sangat terkejut! The house is so f beautiful,mcm bungalow banyak banyak. 

 see! cool gilaaaa kannn

 Their house or should i call it hotel? 

see, mcm org mat salleh punya tempat tinggal. haha :D 

and this all the pakcikkkssss! Dieorg sangat sporting

So as we reached there, kiteorg terus prepare all the foods for bersahur and tiba tiba sorg sorg pak cik and mak cik datang and duduk. I was like so excited cause im a talkative person and i love to hear about their story and background. So the three of us met this makcik and we called her mak kiah. She so supporting,siap menari agogo lagiii. So sembang sembang dgn diaaaa,dgr cerita dia like mcm mana dia boleh masuk sini. Ada yg kene tinggal dgn anak anak, ada yg family semua dah tak adaa and so on. Sebak,sedih semua adaa but nak buat mcm mana kan? Even though tempat dieorg ni lawa and selesa and sejuk but still they dont have family. This place is like meaningless cause tgk dieorg habiskan sisa sisa hidup dieorg dekat sini,hmm without their own family :( Supposingly they should habiskan masa dieorg dgn family kann. But everything that happens ada hikmah kan.

So we should appreciate our mom and dad and dont let them ended up in this place. Yes, betul orang kataa sorang ibu boleh jaga 10 anak, tapi 10 orang anak belum tentu lagi dapat jaga sorang ibu. I miss them already.